• Transaction Coordinator


    • A transaction coordinator, or TC, is someone who assists a real estate agent by performing the administrative duties required during each stage of a transaction from contract to closing. Duties include:

    • Opening escrow

    • Coordinating inspections, repair negotiations, and completion of repairs

    • Communicating updates to clients, agents, lenders, and other people involved in the transaction

    • Monitoring the contingency period

    • Ensuring that all documentation is submitted

    • Coordinating the closing process

    • Scheduling client follow-up calls (after close) to check-in and ask for referrals.

    • Your TC will keep every little detail in check so nothing falls through the cracks. It will be insane how on top of everything you are—the purchase agreement will ALWAYS be filled out 100{62fd7bfac63dc26696759ce3778b0039bf12d498dfa980f0844c8babebd3cc86} correctly, the earnest money will ALWAYS be deposited on time, repair requests will ALWAYS be sent prior to the deadline...you get the picture.

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