• Utility Coordinator


    • Contact Utility Owners to secure as-built information, review conflict analysis and improvement plans, and as necessary title/records research for prior rights determination

    • Prepare utility relocation cost estimates and data sheets per Caltrans policies and procedures

    • Maintain Agency / Engineer / Contractor / Utility Owner contact journal commencing with initial contact through final certification.

    • Preparation and Agency / Utility Owner processing of utility agreement and backup documentation necessary for Caltrans / FHWA utility relocation process.

    • Verification of utility owner’s relocation bills, reconciliation with Agency obligations and process for payment.

    • Verification of utility permanent rights necessary to complete relocation.

    • Vendor and contract negotiations/management for utility pothole, underground ground-penetrating radar, and other as necessary sub-contractors / consultants.

    • Attendance of project development team meetings to discuss utility relocation risk, progress, and issues.

    • Coordination with municipal agencies for permitting and design-related issues.
    • Other duties as assigned.

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